Territorial Analysis for the Integrated Management of the Posillipo Coastline



MedPAN supports Mediterranean Countries to  provide direct support for the implementation of concrete actions for the conservation of marine ecosystems, to improve management effectiveness, test pilot schemes or put in place tools that can be useful to other countries.

Since 2011, 28 projects were funded.

In 2014, 58 grants application forms from 12 Mediterranean countries were submitted.  Among these MedPAN for 2015 has selected 11 new pilot projects in 8 countries of the Mediterranean.
Only two projects are selected In Italy: in Bergeggi Marine Protected Area (Liguria) and in Gaiola Marine Protected Area (Campania).

Project background

The Gaiola MPA is located in a wider coastal sector, with whom it shares common geo-morphological and environmental features. This area is the coastline that goes from the Posillipo Cape to the southern side of the Nisida island. This costal sector is considered as a unity also because, even though it is located closed to highly populated areas, it preserves natural and landscape richness. On a total of 9 km ca of coastline, only 2.3 km ca are within the MPA borders. Certainly, the institution in 2002 of the Gaiola MPA meant a significant success for the preservation of this important coastal heritage, but the MPA represents less than 1/3 of the entire area. Moreover, the entire Posillipo coastline has been effected by an intense phenomenon of urbanization that, surely, has an impact on the entire coastline sector. 

Starting from 2005 the CSI Gaiola onlus have been carried out several biological, geo-archaeological and socio-economical studies in the coastline included in the MPA limits, but there is still a lack of data for the bordering sectors. In assessing policies regarding the management of Posillipo Coastline, further studies are needed in order to develop more appropriate tools for the conservation of Gaiola Underwater Park.

General purpose and specific objectives of the project


This project general purpose is to increase the level of knowledge on the Nisida-Capo Posillipo 9 km coastal sector (N-CPcs), in which the MPA Gaiola Underwater Park is included. The long-term overall result will be to produce an integrated G.I.S. map that could be used as a fundamental tool for the ICZM of the Posillipo coast.  


 Particularly (specific objectives):
1. State of the art of the studies on the N-CPcs;
2.Increase on the level of knowledge on the geo-morphological and mesological characteristics of the N-CPcs;
3. Increase on the level of knowledge on the benthonic biocenosis of the N-CPcs;
4. Increase on the level of knowledge on the flora and avifauna of the emerged N-CPcs;
5.Increase on the level of knowledge on the anthropic activities effecting the N-CPcs;
6. Transformation of the acquired information in a management tool for the MPA;
7. Dissemination of the results.

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